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Our Guys

Who Are They?
Always Remember SSGT Daniel Morris
Always Remember PFC Branden Cummings
Photo Album
Grey Wolf
3rd Platoon of Alpha Company,
1-12 Cavalry,
3rd Brigade (Grey Wolf),
1st Cavalry
Deployed to Iraq Oct 2006-Nov 2007
Daniel Morris Memorial Bust Unveiled

     Tuesday marks two years since a roadside bomb exploded in Iraq and killed Staff Sergeant Daniel Morris of Clinton. Sunday his hometown unveiled a bronze bust that serves as a permanent reminder of his sacrifice.

      The bust was donated by "Operation Never Forget," which was founded by families and friends of those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The bust will be placed on permanent display at the courthouse in Clinton. It was unveiled Sunday during an afternoon ceremony at the First Baptist Church. ...See photos and READ MORE

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Remembering SSG Daniel Morris

The email below is from a man who served in the Army with Daniel in 2000, at the beginning of his army career. He also sent photos of Daniel (including the one on the right) taken in Germany in 2001.  More photos from that time are HERE.


Jan 21. 2009

     My name is Raleigh Koch and I am writing about Daniel Morris.  I was informed today that Daniel was killed in Diyal in 2006.  I wish that I had known earlier.  I heard the news from a soldier who was in our crew back then…a Bradley fighting vehicle has three crew members, and if it's a good crew, they are all pretty close.

     I was Daniel's squad leader and Bradley commander when he first came in the army.  His first job was as my driver and we had a few adventures together....Read the complete email and see more photos HERE.

     Raleigh Koch, SFC, Retired

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November 30, 2007, Boots on the Ground at Ft. Hood.

Our Guys!

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Always Remember

SSGT Daniel Morris

PFC Branden Cummings

PFC Branden Cummings                SSG Daniel Morris
1/26/87 - 2/14/07                              5/15/78 - 11/25/06
Memorial Page                                  Memorial Page

PFC Branden Cummings final resting place. July 2007

SSG Morris drew this picture in elementary school.

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     Our club  "adopted" this platoon when they deployed to Iraq in fall, 2006.  This website is a gathering place for photos and information about the guys and was most active when they were deployed.  It was a long deployment but now it's finally over.   We have been honored to have the opportunity to support these brave men and their families in the small ways that we have. 

     We will never forget them.  They impacted our lives in ways they will never know.  The platoon, of course is no longer together.  Some of the guys have re-enlisted and been reassigned to other units.  Some have re-deployed. Some of them have gone home, their Army duty completed... and some are still "3rd Platoon".  Where ever they are, they will always be "3rd Platoon" to us.

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Why I Fight for Freedom - SSG Regis


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Sierra Wharton - Sept 2007

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This site has not been updated recently, and probably won't be.  For now, it will stay available, but in the near future, will unfortunately revert to having ads on it. I will also be "trimming" many of the pages, but will try to keep the memorial pages in tact.  ~Debra

Daniel Morris Memorial Bronze Bust.
See VIDEO taken
at the unveiling ceremony!

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Daniel in front of old Wolfsburg castle in Oberviechtach, Germany

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Nov 30, 2007
Welcome Home!


Jason Hart, and fiance, Jen.

Brian & Cara Reeves

LZ and Mandy

Nick, Sarah, and Elaina Tompkins.


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Daddy, I MISSED You!

Elaina Tompkins

Baby Lz, "Mickey"

Gwena Tompkins

Mia & Chloe Reeves - Sept 2007

Nick Wharton Jr. - Sept 2007

Lance Reeves

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Baghdad Time & Weather

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When the platoon arrived in Kuwait fall, 2006, they all signed this scarf. 
All the guys signed this scarf. The writing under the cross says

Suggestion - To zoom in and see the signatures more clearly, try this:
Click on the photo to open in a new window.  Then right click and choose save picture as.  Remember where you saved it.  To to that saved file and open it and use your image software to zoom in.  You will probably be able to see each signature more clearly.

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